March 18, 2018


The Conference is held once a year with the aim of discussing topics related to the statistical programme and methods and processes for the production of Community statistics. It is hosted each year by a different Member State and the Director General of the host country chairs the conference.

The DGINS Conference was created on 15 July 1953 in Luxembourg and was acting then as the predecessor of the Statistical Programme Committee (SPC).

Previous DGINS Conferences:

2017, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: Population Movements and Integration Issues – Migration Statistics

2016, VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Statistics on income, consumption and wealth

2015, LISBON, PORTUGAL: Indicators for decision making and monitoring

2014, RIGA, LATVIA: Towards global business statistics

2013, SCHEVENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS: “ESS future and how we get there”, “New round of Peer reviews” and “Big Data”

2012, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: Meeting new needs on statistics for green economy and Coordination of statistics and geospatial information

2011, WIESBADEN, GERMANY: Next generation of the Code of Practice and New conceptual design for household and social statistics

2010, SOFIA, BULGARIA: Measuring progress, well-being and sustainable development